Conservative Investment Funds Offer Alternative to Woke Capital

Two new exchange-traded funds are seeking to offer an alternative to investing in left-wing Fortune 500 companies. The American Conservative Values ETF and 2ndVote Life ETF launched within the past year, seeking to offer a competitive investment portfolio for those who wish to eschew investment in corporate leftist economic practices.

The American Conservative Values ETF has actively liquidated shares in companies caught promoting anti-white critical race theory indoctrinations in their workplaces.

“Recent actions by Bank of America Corp., Lowe’s Co. Inc., American Express Co. and Nasdaq Inc. have caused considerable concern and outrage among politically conservative investors,” said the ETF’s administrators in a statement explaining why they no longer hold shares in the companies.

In light of news that these companies have instituted employee training based on critical race theory, which teaches that America is an inherently racist and evil country, we cannot in good faith continue investments into these with our investors’ money,” American Conservative Values ETF CEO William Haig said of the fund’s decision.

I sometimes say this real slow when talking to professional economists, but we believe the companies that focus on their profits will be better investments than those that focus on social justice,” said Andy Puzder, an advisor of 2ndVote Advisers. Puzder was nominated for Secretary of Labor by President Donald Trump in 2017 before withdrawing from consideration.

2ndVote Life Neutral Plus ETF and the American Conservative Values ETF have returned profits of 27.75% and 37.82% respectively in less than a year, returns that outpace other major exchange-traded funds that have been listed to the public for decades.

It’s all but impossible for traditionally minded Americans to completely opt out of the globoliberal matrix increasingly dominating large US corporations, but conservative investment funds may offer a competitive alternative to the worst purveyors of woke capitol’s left-wing agenda.

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