Conservative Patriot Aims to Upend Socialist and Globalist Competition in Upcoming Guatemalan Elections

A conservative presidential candidate in Guatemala is aiming to upend far-left socialist, globalist challengers during the upcoming elections that are scheduled to take place on Sunday.

Zury Ríos, a conservative former Congresswoman who is daughter of former President Efraín Ríos Montt, is pledging to stomp out drug dealers, ban abortions and protect private property rights. If elected, she is expected to follow in the footsteps of El Salvador President Nayib Bukele and further the wave of right-wing populism sweeping across Central America.

One of her opponents, Sandra Torres is the former First Lady of Guatemala who is an unabashed socialist that has been previously jailed on corruption charges.

Torres and her political party were investigated for campaign finance violations, and she was able to avoid prosection while she was previously running for President in 2019, which gave her temporary immunity. After she lost and that immunity disappeared, Torres was finally arrested.

Former United Nations bureaucrat Edmond Mulet has an even more sordid record than the socialist Torres, being tied to an illegal child-smuggling ring during his days as a United Nations bureaucrat.

In 1980, Mulet was a member of the socialist Partido Nacional Renovador (PNR) party and reportedly belonged to an international network of irregular adoptions called Les Enfants du Soleil (the Children of the Sun), which allegedly used unlawful methods that violated the human and individual rights of both mothers and newborns and extracted children from their mothers through false pretenses.

As a Guatemalan lawyer, Mulet was accused of circumventing the law so that these children could be taken and smuggled to Canada. Due to the unethical activities allegedly undertaken by Mulet and the international network Niños del Sol, these children could never be tracked down and were permanently separated from their parents. Mulet was eventually arrested and claimed the charges were a result of political persecution.

Because of his ties to the globalist deep state, Mulet was ultimately cleared of any wrongdoing without even undergoing a trial. He would go on to serve as the Ambassador to the United States, the European Union, the Kingdom of Belgium and the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg in the decades following his scandal. Mulet now pledges to send thousands of refugees to the U.S. if elected President in order to export criminal activity and squeeze native-born Americans out of well-paying jobs.

“There are more than 10 million vacancies [for employment] in the United States, which really needs labor, and Guatemala can provide it,” he said.

Rios provides a path out of the socialism, corruption and despair that her opponents would thrust upon the country. Elections are scheduled to take place on Sunday, June 25.

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