Internet Rage-Baiter ‘Erica Marsh’ SUSPENDED From Twitter After Experts Deem The Account ‘Fake’

Billionaire Twitter CEO Elon Musk has made it clear that he plans to rid the platform of bot and fake accounts more than his predecessors did. 

In a recent example, notorious left-wing account, and self-proclaimed “Proud Democrat” and “Former Field Organizer to elect President Biden,” Erica Marsh, has been suspended from Twitter after reports surfaced online saying the person behind the account is fake.

Following Marsh’s suspension, experts spoke out to The Washington Post, saying that the person behind the account was likely not real.

[Marsh] doesn’t show up in any local phone or voting records. The Biden presidential campaign, where she said she worked as a field organizer, has no record of her; neither does the Obama Foundation, where she claimed to have volunteered.

Her only other known social media profile, on TikTok, posts copies of her tweets but has never included her speaking or showing her face. And a digital-imaging expert said that the three purported selfies she’s posted on Twitter — showing a young, smiling blond woman — bear the hallmarks of digital manipulation.

“I strongly suspect that this person doesn’t exist,” said John Scott-Railton, a senior researcher at the University of Toronto. 

According to Twitter’s Misleading and Deceptive Identities Policy, accounts that “are using a deceptive identity” may be booted off the platform for violating terms of service. 

Erica Marsh’s account, which suspiciously amassed 130,000+ followers since starting back in September of 2022, was routinely accused of rage-baiting conservatives with her views on race and abortion.

Perhaps most notably, Marsh sparked backlash after celebrating the death of Ashli Babbitt.

In another notable example following SCOTUS’ ruling on affirmative action, Marsh wrote: “Today’s Supreme Court decision is a direct attack on Black people. No Black person will be able to succeed in a merit-based system.”

As expected, conservatives headed to Twitter to blast Marsh for her “stupid” and racist remarks.


Americans ought to pay attention to stories like this one ahead of elections. 

If a fake account like Erica Marsh is able to garner the reactions it did by seemingly going undetected for almost a year, imagine what else is out there mucking up public discourse.

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