Conservative Rick Becker Leads the Fight Against Property Tax Mayhem in North Dakota

Francis Tibor, an 80-year-old resident of Hebron, North Dakota, is learning firsthand how predatory local governments can be when it comes to property taxes. 

Back in 2006, Tibor bought a small motel that he would subsequently remodel and convert into a seven-room motel. Tibor made this purchase with the aim of providing a financial cushion for his daughter, who has suffered multiple medical complications over the years. 

For some time, Tibor’s business ran smoothly until the COVID-19 pandemic wreaked havoc worldwide. As a result of government policies implemented to supposedly address the pandemic, his business was shut down. 

Worse yet, his motel business was not able to qualify for any of the billions of dollars of COVID-19 relief money that countless large enterprises were able to receive. For almost three years, Tibor’s motel experienced a significant downturn in its business activity. 

Tibor and his wife were able to keep the business afloat by tapping into their Social Security checks just to pay the bills. Fortunately, on the business end, the motel has been able to generate enough revenue to cover its basic expenses. 

However, Tibor has been unable to pay property property taxes in the last three years because of the hotel’s negative income stream. 

In an attempt to pay off the over $30,000 in property taxes that he owes, Tibor applied for a bank loan. 

Sadly, his loan application was rejected. And in October, the county plans on foreclosing his motel. From there, in November, the motel will be placed on the auction block. 

Worse yet, Tibor has no means of the outstanding back taxes. By the end of the year, Tibor could potentially see his motel, his legacy, and his daughter’s financial security go down the drain.  

Tibor’s case caught the attention of former State Representative Rick Becker, who served in the North Dakota State House (2012-2022).

Since then, Becker has focused more on grassroots battles alongside freedom activists across North Dakota. With respect to Tibor, Becker has set up a GoFundMe to assist the motel owner in paying his property taxes. 

On top of that, Becker and concerned grassroots activists established End Unfair Property Tax, a grassroots organization made up of pro-liberty North Dakotans who seek to abolish the state’s burdensome property tax system.

The organization’s principal goal consists of replacing  current property taxes with existing state revenue so that North Dakotan taxpayers can keep more of their money while letting cities and counties meet their budgetary needs by tapping into other revenue sources.

“Property taxes are spiking all across the country, but North Dakota is out of control.” said grassroots activist Cliff Maloney. “North Dakota spends $2.5 billion more than it needs to, and Rick Becker recognized and seized on the opportunity to end the property tax and reduce wasteful spending.”

Over the last few years, disgruntled North Dakota residents have viewed the state’s increasing property tax burden as the number one issue that policymakers must address. Many citizens have grown frustrated with how they must pay ever-increasing taxes on their homes or property. If they fail to do so, the government could take their property away from them. 

Tibor could potentially be staring down the barrel of a predatory state government taking away his cherished private property. Sadly, his case is all too prevalent in a nation that has grown increasingly reliant on burdensome tax systems to keep bloated governments well-fed. 

Concerned citizens will have to follow in the footsteps of Becker and his team at End Unfair Property Tax to ensure that people don’t witness their property being confiscated or their wealth eviscerated by burdensome tax regimes. 

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