Conservative Think Tank Pushes for Congressional Investigation Into Black Lives Matter Organizations 

A recently published report on cultural Marxism is calling for Congress to carry out hearings on Black Lives Matter (BLM). 

Mike Gonzalez, a Senior Fellow at the Heritage Foundation, and Katharine Gorka, a national security expert and former research fellow at Heritage Foundation, specifically urged leaders in Washington DC to investigate BLM-connected organizations no matter what.

“Because [BLM organizations] have been the vector for the introduction of cultural Marxism into the lives of all Americans, getting serious about the threat that the BLM organizations represent is the most immediate, and easiest, thing that Americans can do to confront Marxism,” the report highlighted.

The authors argued cultural Marxism is a more refined and nuanced version of Marxism that American Marxists are pushing “under the pretense of social justice.” 

In addition, the authors argued that cultural Marxists don’t really focus on the struggle between workers and capitalists. Instead, cultural Marxists are fixated on using gender and race to create divisions between the races and children and parents in efforts to destroy the nuclear family

The report contends that critical race theory (CRT) — a theory that posits that America is a systemically racist polity — in the school system, radical environmentalism, and corporate America’s embrace of environmental, social, and corporate governance rules are various prongs of the cultural leftist strategy to dominate American institutions. 

According to Terri Wu of the Epoch Times, a discussion concerning this report was held at the Heritage Foundation. During this discussion, Gonzalez conceded that it’s legal to be a Communist in the US, but people should still recognize the political threat that Marxist-inspired organizations pose to the US.

Gonzalez called attention to the riots that occurred in 2020, in the wake of the death of George Floyd. Per the US Crisis Monitor, 633 riots, with large BLM involvement, took place at that time. 

According to the Insurance Information Institute’s figures, the 2020 riots were the costliest series of civil unrest in American unrest. Insured losses were around $2 billion. 

“I think the country should know whether you [leaders of BLM organizations] have unleashed this level of violence and have had these riots because you believe in these ideas,” Gonzalez declared at the event.

In a serious polity, organizations like BLM would be treated like  terrorist organizations. At the very least, BLM should be subject to congressional scrutiny. This org and countless leftist organizations must face the boot of state power in order to be held in check. That’s the only language the Left knows. 

The Right would be wise to start engaging in this type of power politics. It’s ultimately the key to its survival.

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