Conservative Think Tank Says Big Tech May Be Violating Campaign Finance Law in Censoring Laura Loomer

The American Principles Project (APP), a conservative think tank based out of Arlington, Va., has issued a written notice to the Federal Election Commission (FEC) about Congressional candidate Laura Loomer.

The APP believes that Big Tech may be violating federal campaign finance law by banning Loomer from popular social media platforms. Loomer, who is the Republican nominee for Florida’s 21st U.S. Congressional district, cannot get her message out on Silicon Valley platforms because of capricious biased censorship, and that could be considered a form of electoral interference.

“Due to past controversial statements she has made, Loomer has been banned from using the services of a number of tech companies and platforms, including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Uber, Lyft, PayPal, Venmo, Medium, among others,” the APP explained in their letter to the FEC.

“Under normal circumstances, it would arguably be well within those companies’ rights to take this action. But given that Loomer is now a major party nominee for U.S. Congress, a reassessment may be warranted,” they continued.

They argue that allowing this sort of political favoritism during national races could be damaging to the nation’s democracy. The bias from these Big Tech giants is already giving an unfair advantage to Loomer’s opponent, incumbent Democrat Lois Frankel.

“Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram would appear to pay all costs associated with the hosting and distribution on their platforms of election-related materials created by the political campaign of Rep. Lois Frankel. They refuse to provide the same service for her opponent,” the APP noted, suggesting that this may be a violation of campaign finance law.

Big League Politics has reported on how the globalist establishment is inventing new ways to censor Loomer, with even her cable and cell phone provider blacklisting her at a crucial stage of her primary campaign:

Journalist and U.S. Congressional Candidate Laura Loomer is the most banned woman on the internet – so much so, in fact, that the globalist elite are inventing new ways to censor her.

Loomer, who is running to be the Republican nominee for Florida’s 21st Congressional seat, has been banished from using Comcast and Xfinity to disseminate her political messages.

“In an incredible turn of events, Comcast/Xfinity just banned my campaign from sending out fundraising emails and text messages,” Loomer explained in the video address to her supporters.

“Comcast here in Palm Beach County is one of the only internet service providers and sometimes the only one that you have available, and, as the Republican front-runner in my Congressional race, I have now been banned,” she added.

Loomer noted that Comcast considers her political messages to be “dangerous content” as a justification for her banning. She also noted that Comcast has a long-standing relationship with Rep. Lois Frankel, the incumbent Democrat politician who Loomer wants to unseat, going back to her days as Mayor of West Palm Beach.

What Comcast is doing in censoring Loomer is effectively manipulating the electoral process, which is highly immoral and unethical if not illegal. It also shows how Silicon Valley censorship leads to a cascading effect throughout the corporate sector where dissidents will inevitably be unpersoned and deprived of their basic rights.

“Congresswoman Lois Frankel is only one of 31 members of Congress who owns Comcast stock, so this is clearly blatant election interference and now the censorship of conservatives has moved from the Big Tech social media companies to the internet service providers and telecommunication companies,” Loomer explained.

Loomer’s resounding primary victory has terrified the globalist establishment. If she can have success without relying on Big Tech, other patriots may realize that there is nothing stopping them from defeating this evil, corrupt system.

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