Conservatives Call For Boycotts After Target Hires Satanist To Design ‘Pride’ Clothing Line Aimed At Children And Babies

Is the next conservative boycott going to be against Target? It should be. 

As the retailer prepares for Pride month just around the corner, Twitter is flooding with images of trans and Satanist focused merchandise that is intentionally aimed at young children – even babies!

Target has teamed up with a self-proclaimed Satanist. And conservatives are rightly appalled, asking how did America get HERE?

But didn’t we see this coming? After all, Target was the first major retailer to implement a trans bathroom policy. Talk about a slippery slope.

Other merchandise sparking outrage include gender ideology clothing targeting children as young as infants.

On Monday, conservative media like The Liz Wheeler show highlighted some of these lines aimed at children. Discussing how impactful and persuasive the colorful artwork paired with rainbow imagery will be on unknowing children passing through a Target store. 

The actual messaging on most of these shirts are nothing more than LGBTQ and leftist platitudes. For example, one shirt reads “trans people exist,” implying that anyone who opposes the trans ideology is denying humanhood.

In short; most conservatives who covered this Target controversy yesterday outlined the sheer propaganda power of this movement. Along with its blatant intentionality; this was not another corporate “mistake.” 

Remember last year when Target launched “chest binders” and “packing underwear” for transgender shoppers?

With Pride month kicking off as soon as next week, conservatives are paying closer attention than ever to which brands are going to double-down on these LGBTQ+ themes. Especially with Satanism poking its ugly head into the mainstream.

Some conservatives are looking to organize a boycott that is as effective as the Bud Light Dylan Mulvaney saga

“They never expected the reaction that they got,” said Gareth Boyd, a marketing and PR expert with Forte Analytica, speaking to Daily Mail

“Right now, if [Bud Light] respond and they don’t get it right, they’re only going to further hurt themselves,” they added.

Thing is: can conservatives stay organized long enough to deal a blow as fatal and impactful as Bud Light’s? Only time will tell if that is possible – but this Target controversy is objectively worse, because it targets kids. 

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