Conservatives Quit Biden Supreme Court Commission Amid Concerns of Court Packing

Two legal scholars have quite President Joe Biden’s Supreme Court commission amid terms partisan liberals will slam through documents demanding that the court be expanded to include several left-wing judges.

Caleb Nelson of the University of Virginia and Jack Goldsmith of Harvard both resigned from the panel before the other members of the Biden commission spoke publicly during a Friday event.

Biden had promised the commission as a means to avoid answering on his potential plans to pack the Supreme Court during the 2020 campaign, merely claiming the commission would investigate the possibility of radically altering the court. The court commission has considered the possibility of Supreme Court term limits and other ways to bypass the authority of the Supreme Court, with the institution suddenly becoming deeply objectionable to Democrats the moment conservative justices take a bare-bones majority. President Donald Trump appointed three justices during his reign on the presidential throne, and the nominally conservative Chief Justice of the court defected to the liberals.

The Democrat president has seen several progressive policy demands derailed by Supreme Court rulings, with the 5-4 conservative-leaning court compelling Biden to restore President Donald Trump’s game-changing ‘Remain in Mexico’ border and immigration policy.

Biden’s hand-picked Supreme Court commission had 36 members before the resignation. It’s expected the commission will deliver a report to the Democrat in the coming weeks, demanding that Biden appoint as many as seven new progressive justices to ensure the highest court in the land will never issue a ruling contrary to liberal policy demands ever again.

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