Conservatives Score Solid Wins in Texas

The 2020 election cycle went well for Texas House Republicans on November 3, 2020.

There were initial fears that Democrats would flip the Texas State House riding a blue wave. Texas voters thankfully came to their senses and voted to keep Texas red.

Among the Republicans elected and re-elected were the incoming  State Representative Jeff Cason and incumbent State Representative Tony Tinderholt. Tarrant County was viewed as a potential battleground in Texas, but no State House district was picked up by Democrats.

According to Robert Montoya of Texas ScorecardCason received 51 percent of the vote, while his Democrat opponent Jeff Whitfield received 47 percent. Cason is replacing former conservative stalwart Jonathan Stickland in House District 92.

“I just want to say thank you to everybody that voted for us,” Cason said to Texas Scorecard. “This is the honor of a lifetime for me, and I just look forward to beginning my work in January, representing the people of House District 92 and serving them with their voice in Austin.”

In response to questions about citizens having restricted access to the Texas State Capitol during the 2021 legislative session, Cason opined that “the Capitol is the people’s house, and I don’t feel like there should be any restrictions of the people to the Capitol building.” He noted that “necessary personal protection precautions” and “social distancing” can be used to adjust to these unforeseen circumstances. “I think that the people should be permitted in their house.”

Tinderholt won his race in District 94, with 51 percent of the vote while his Democrat opponent, Alisa Simmons, won 45 percent of the vote in what is generally viewed as a swing district.

“I’m honored by your support and look forward to continuing to fight for you down in Austin,” Tinderholt posted on Facebook the night of his election victory.

Democrats were not successful in picking up any other seat in Tarrant County.

Montoya listed off other State Representatives and another first time representative who won their elections:

Citizens rehired Republican State Reps. Stephanie Klick, Matt Krause, Craig Goldman, and Giovanni Capriglione by comfortable margins. State Rep. Charlie Geren (R–Fort Worth) ran unopposed.

Newcomer Republican David Cook was chosen by citizens to replace retiring State Rep. Bill Zedler (R–Arlington) with 51 percent of the vote. Opponents Joe Drago (D) and Nelson Range (Libertarian) received 46 percent and 2 percent of the vote, respectively.

Conservatives like Tony Tinderholt and Jeff Cason will play a crucial role in improving Texas gun laws by promoting Constitutional Carry in the 2021 legislative session. Had Democrats taken the House, such legislation would have been dead on arrival. Voters made the right call this November and now a solid conservative bloc is forming in the Texas House. Time will tell if anything meaningful will be passed in 2021.


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