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Conspiracy Theory: AOC Thinks America ‘Cages Children’ And ‘Injects Them With Drugs’

Ocasio-Cortez’s latest conspiracy has no basis in fact.



AOC CBP Injects Children With Drugs

In a new video, freshman Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez revealed that she believes Customs and Border Protection cages children and injects them with drugs while broadcasting to a Periscope live stream.

The bizarre new claim came yesterday while Ocasio-Cortez was crouching in front of her smartphone and live streaming to Periscope. She claimed, without any source or reference, that the government is caging children and injecting them with drugs as an act of “hatred” and “cruelty.”

“At least I’m not trying to cage children on the border and inject them with drugs,” said Ocasio-Cortez. “That’s not a mistake, that’s a deliberate policy to attack people based on their national origin. That’s not a mistake, that’s just hatred, that’s just cruelty, that’s just wrong.”

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She made the claim in response to criticism she has taken for various gaffes she has made as a 29-year-old freshman congresswoman.

The freshman congresswoman, who penned and championed the absurd Green New Deal that received the support of precisely zero Democrats, has repeatedly been shown to have a tenuous grasp on reality at best.

After the horrific Christchurch mosque shooting last month, she took to Twitter to blame the National Rifle Association, an American non-profit that has absolutely nothing to do with New Zealand.

Last year, the then-candidate went on television to condemn what she called the Israeli “occupation of Palestine,” before being grilled on the use of the term and finally admitting she was “not an expert on geopolitics” as an excuse for her claim.

This type of behavior led Big League Politics’ Laura Loomer to confront Ocasio-Cortez on her alliances with groups who she considers “Jew haters.” Ocasio-Cortez did not reply to Loomer’s requests for comment, and instead fled from her alongside her private security.


The Attorney General on His Way Out?: Trump Mulls Firing Bill Barr, Advisers Trying to Dissuade Him

Trump is unhappy about more than just Barr’s recent voter fraud comments.



President Donald Trump is considering firing Attorney General William Barr, with the Washington Post reporting Wednesday evening that Trump “remained livid” at him.

On Tuesday Barr said that the Justice Department did not find evidence of “fraud on a scale that could have effected a different outcome in the election.”

An unnamed senior administration official told the Post that although Trump is upset about Barr’s comments, he’s also unhappy with Barr about other matters, such as his previous lack of action on the FBI’s investigation into the Trump campaign and his handling of John Durham.

The president is pressuring Barr to release the “Durham report,” which could implicate officials in using the investigation to target Trump for political reasons. Trump also sees Barr’s secret appointment of Durham to DOJ special counsel as a “stall tactic.”

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AG Barr Reveals John Durham Was Appointed Special Counsel Weeks Before 2020 Election

In the wake of Election Day Attorney General Barr authorized federal prosecutors to “investigate substantial allegations” of voter fraud. But in his comments Tuesday, Barr claimed that “most claims of fraud are very particularized to a particular set of circumstances or actors or conduct.”

“They are not systemic allegations,” said Barr.

Trump may want to fire Barr, but several advisers are trying to persuade him not to, according to the unnamed senior official.

Either way, it’s tough to see how Barr remains attorney general for much longer. If Joe Biden pulls off the steal and gets inaugurated, he will certainly replace Barr with his own AG. And if Trump hangs on for his second and final term, he may very well want to clean house and start afresh.

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