CONTROVERSY: Social Media Platform Gettr is Under Fire for Banning Nick Fuentes

The Trump-friendly social media platform Gettr is gaining market share rapidly as Twitter embraces Draconian censorship like never before.

Gettr recently received a massive boost in traffic and notoriety after podcaster Joe Rogan joined the platform.

“Just in case sh*t over at Twitter gets even dumber, I’m here now as well. Rejoice!” Rogan wrote in his introductory post on the platform.

This resulted in over 500,000 new signups at Gettr from users who support free speech and an open dialogue, but a recent moderating decision has called Gettr’s dedication to their purported principles into question.

Right-wing video blogger and America First organizer Nick Fuentes was immediately banned from the platform shortly after joining with his following of so-called “Groypers” blacklisted on the site as well.

Fuentes has been banned from Twitter, YouTube, DLive, and all other mainstream platforms after helping organize “Stop the Steal” rallies last year, including the infamous Capitol demonstration on Jan. 6. His reputation caused him to get banned on Gettr, which enraged his following and offended neutral observers.

Big League Politics talked to New York Young Republicans leader Gavin Wax, who was called out by Fuentes on his podcast due to his association with Gettr. Wax works in the marketing division for the social media upstart, and he explained that the decision to ban Fuentes was far from unanimous.

Big League Politics has reported on the massive growth of social media providers that reject the Orwellian thought policing that is so pervasive from tech monopolists:

Telegram, the encrypted messaging service that allows more freedom of speech on their platform than the tech giants, is the fastest growing app in the world for the year 2021.

According to San Francisco-based data insights company, App Annie, Telegram ranked the highest in the important category of breakout monthly active users, with Instagram and Zoom taking the second and third slots.

In response to the news, Telegram founder Pavel Durov said the year of 2021 “will be remembered as the year when people grew tired of being disrespected by greedy corporations and chose the Telegram’s privacy and consistency.”

Big League Politics has reported on the rise of Telegram as the masses grow tired with Big Tech restrictions that are only intensifying amidst the COVID-19 vaccine regime…

The market is speaking, and the Big Tech monopolies are beginning to squander their control over the industry. The rise of Telegram is great news for freedom lovers worldwide.

GETTR may have some initial momentum behind them, but their user base will revolt if they adopt similar censorship policies as Big Tech. The capricious banning of Fuentes is a major step in the wrong direction.

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