Convicted Child Rapist Shot in Kenosha Had Been Discharged From Mental Hospital for Suicide Attempt on the Same Day

A convicted child rapist who was shot and killed by Kyle Rittenhouse during the Kenosha Black Lives Matter riots had been discharged from a mental hospital following his second suicide attempt the same day, according to new reporting from the Washington Post.

Big League Politics has reported on Rosenbaum’s child rape convictions. Rosenbaum spent almost a decade in the Arizona prison system after being convicted on two charges of sex crimes against boys aged nine to eleven in the state.

Rosenbaum, who has homeless, had been discharged from a Kenosha hospital earlier the day of the riot, having been admitted to the facility following a suicide attempt in which he attempted to overdose on pills. He was reportedly in the area of the Kenosha riots seeking to obtain prescription medication for his bipolar disorder when he became embedded in the left-wing riots, which occurred following the shooting of felony sexual assault fugitive Jacob Blake by a Kenosha police officer.

Rosenbaum was seen throwing objects in a bag(that he seems to have obtained from the hospital) at 17-year old Rittenhouse after a confrontation in which he urged the militia-affiliated teenager to “shoot me, n****.” A short while later, he is seen chasing Rittenhouse- who was armed with an AR-style rifle- with his shirt on his head before Rittenhouse fatally shot Rosenbaum. The convicted pedophile attempted to grab the rifle from Rittenhouse before the latter shot him in the back and in the groin.

The altercation between Rittenhouse and Rosenbaum kicked off further violence at the scene of the riot. Rittenhouse attempted to flee in the direction of police at the scene, but was accosted by a large mob of left-wing rioters. Two other individuals- one of whom also was killed- were shot when they bumrushed Rittenhouse as he attempted to escape the scene of the riot. Rittenhouse has since been charged with murder in the shooting, and he staunchly maintains that he acted in self-defense after being attacked by Rosenbaum.

Rosenbaum, a man with a violent and sickening criminal record, seems to have had little to nothing to lose, and apparently had been trying to kill himself just days earlier. Repeatedly assaulting a man with a rifle- while urging him to shoot you- is arguably a suicide attempt in its own right. He instigated this tragedy, not Rittenhouse.


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