Convicted Pedophile and FBI Witness Against Julian Assange Jailed in Iceland for ‘Crime Spree’

An Icelandic computer hacker and former Julian Assange associate who flipped on the WikiLeaks founder to become an FBI informant has been jailed in Iceland for what authorities are calling a “crime spree.”

Thordarson had been a volunteer for Wikileaks from 2010 to 2011, later contacting the FBI and providing information on Assange’s activities after Wikileaks employees had come to view him as a liar. Thordarson has claimed that information he provided the United States government played a role in the criminal indictment against Assange. The Biden administration continues to seek Assange’s extradition from the United Kingdom, where he is jailed in the brutal Belmarsh Prison.

Sigurdur Thordarson has also been convicted of sex crimes at least twice in Iceland, with one case involving a 15-year old boy. A court-ordered psychiatric evaluation in 2015 had diagnosed Thordarson with antisocial personality disorder.

In an interview with Iceland’s Stundin, Thordarson had admitted that several of his claims made against Assange were fabricated, raising serious questions about the veracity of the federal charges against the journalist.

Icelandic authorities have jailed the repeat offender for what they suspect to be financial fraud, with Thordarson accused of exploiting Icelandic bankruptcy laws through forming and dissolving multiple companies with the intent of handing their debts off to Icelandic taxpayers.

The FBI’s star witness against Assange seemed to plainly admit his involvement in fraud in a recent interview.The idea behind all the companies [that I run in Iceland] is to squeeze out every last penny, knowing it will inevitably lead to bankruptcy by request of the tax authorities and the bill would end with them. Is it illegal? No, it’s just very immoral, that much I would agree with. But I have not heard of anyone being convicted for this sort of thing,” claimed Thordarson, in what seems to amount to an attempt to gaslight his way out of obeying Iceland’s fraud and financial laws.

Previous criminal convictions aren’t usually admissible evidence to impeach witnesses in American criminal trials, but admissions of lies certainly are. Thordarson’s questionable credibility could doom the already tenuous case against Assange, with the reaching criminal charges against the publisher and journalist amounting to nothing more than yet another embarrassment for the powerful US deep state.

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