Convicted Pedophile Served in “Leadership Role” in Portland ANTIFA Autonomous Zone

Some left-wing militants are objecting to the leadership role of a convicted pedophile in Portland’s Red House Autonomous Zone, an anarchist commune set up to prevent a family of squatters from being evicted. Antifa activists have sought to deter eviction proceedings against the Kinney family, who claim they’re nationals of a nonexistent country and not subject to US laws. The Kinneys own a second home two miles away from the “red house” in question.

27-year old ANTIFA activist Micah Rhodes was convicted of three counts of second-degree sexual abuse of minors in 2018. He was initially spared a prison sentence, but would be ultimately sentenced to two years in prison for violating his probation, being in proximity to children during an ANTIFA riot at a ICE immigration detention facility later the same year.

Rhodes is a registered sex offender.

Left-wing activist and Twitter user @riotslutt objected to Rhodes’ leadership position in the anarchist commune.

Rhodes’ 2018 conviction isn’t the only sex crime on his record. He was convicted as a juvenile of first-degree sodomy and sexual abuse, crimes alleged he committed against a nine year old boy.

The convicted paedo bills himself as a humanitarian and a Black Lives Matter activist on his personal Twitter feed. Many jurisdictions have sex offender laws that bar child sex offenders from using the internet or social media, but Portland’s criminal justice system is notoriously easy on left-wing street activists.

Beleaguered Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler condemned the anarchist commune last week. However, it appears that the eviction standoff over Red House will end, with left-wing sympathizers raising hundreds of thousands of dollars to purchase the home for the Kinneys.

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