Cop Hatred Has Now Led to Security Guards Being Murdered at Banks

The Dallas police department and the FBI are currently investigating the murder of a security guard who was shot and killed as a robbery occurred at a credit union in Cockrell Hill on the morning of September 14, 2020.

According to an NBC DFW report, police claimed that witnesses recounted an incident where a security officer was on duty at a ATM outside the Neighborhood Credit Union. During the security guard’s shift, a man armed with a rifle approached him at around 8:50 AM. Police claimed that the armed man “demanded property.”

The armed assailant then shot the security guard, Jose Montes, at least one time.

A woman working in the shopping center described the sound of the gunshot as a “big pop, kind of like a firecracker.”

The woman, who requested anonymity, was preparing to open up the store where she’s employed when she heard the sound of gunfire.

“I looked out the window to see what was going on. I saw an individual on his knees with his hands up and his head down and then I saw another individual laying on the ground,” the woman recalled. “I saw a guy backing away from the armored vehicle and into a four-door sedan.”

She then called the police. In the meantime, she and other individuals attempted to help Montes.

“We were just trying to as best we could to render aid, and make sure he was as comfortable as possible,” the shopping center worker said. “One of the girls from the dentist’s office offered some smelling salt to help keep him conscious. I was still on the phone with 911 operator asking if there’s anything I can do, try to keep everyone back, make sure they had enough room to work.“

According to Dallas police Sergeant Warren Mitchell, officers arrived at the scene and found a man wearing a security officer’s uniform lying on the ground with a gunshot wound.

Montes later died at a nearby hospital that he was taken to.

Mitchell stated that in the aftermath of the shooting the armed robber was caught loading a duffel bag into a sedan with a woman at the steering wheel. Police are not sure about the amount of money in the bags.

“I didn’t see the driver, I did see the individual get into the car, throw the bag and get into the back of the car and drove off,” the witness recounted.

“I am shocked and deeply saddened by the loss of an innocent man’s life this morning and I am praying for his family. Our team is doing everything we can to assist law enforcement in identifying the shooter,” Chet Kimmell, Neighborhood Credit Union president and CEO declared in a statement.

Although Texas has not witnessed the type of left-wing insurrectionism that has plagued states like Oregon, the crime wave that is sweeping across the nation is gradually making its way to the Lone Star State.

Texans thankfully have solid gun laws that allow them to defend themselves against criminals. However, the state cannot afford to fall to the anti-police radicalism that is engulfing multitudes of urban centers across the country. Law and order must reign supreme and police functions cannot be gutted just to satisfy the caprices of radical leftists.

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