Corey Stewart Blasts Cowardly Republicans On Budget Surrender

Corey Stewart, Twitter

Corey Stewart, who is challenging Sen. Tim Kaine for U.S. Senate in Virginia took to Youtube to publicly call out the cowardly Republicans backing the $1.3 trillion budget deal.

The transcript of Stewart’s video can be read here:

Cowardly Republicans have passed what pretty much amounts to a democrat budget. 
It funds Obamacare — it does not defund Obamacare. 
It funds sanctuary cities. It funds planned parenthood. It funds new gun control efforts, and it funds a pet project of senator Schumer’s. Folks, that is not a Republican budget. That is not a Republican bill. It is Certainly not a Republican omnibus bill. This is president Obama’s dream bill. 
So why is it that republicans in the House of Representatives and apparently Mitch McConnell in the US senate and several Republican senators are on the verge of approving this Democrat bill. 
It really comes down to one thing. Lack of guts. No courage. That is what we have with the Republican party today. 
Why is it that it’s always Republicans giving in? Why is it that the democrats are always able to shove around the republicans. 
And it’s not just in Washington. It’s affected other republicans across the country in state legislatures.
Just a few weeks ago in my home state of Virginia, Republicans in the House of Delegates passed an expansion of Medicaid under Obamacare.
(Stewart then picked up his favorite political book, Profiles in Courage in order to demonstrate what today’s Republican Party is lacking.) 
“Republicans have no guts,” Stewart continued. “All it takes is a little pressure from the Mainstream Media , from Democrats, and establishment Republicans, and they just fold. And that is what they have done. 
“A lot of people came out and voted for a change in Washington and that is why they voted for President Trump. They don’t like politics as usual. This must end.’
“When I am elected to the US senate, One of the first things i will do in my official capacity in the United States Senate is ask for the resignation of Mitch McConnell as Senate Majority Leader.” 
You would think that this is invasion of the body snatchers. He behaves like a Democrat, he favors Democrats, and now he’s pushing through a democrat omnibus bill.” 
“Don’t ever give a single dollar to the RNC. Don’t ever give a single dollar to the NRSC, which is controlled by senator Corey Gardner, a RINO out of the state of Colorado, and Mitch McConnell. 

Give them no money.

And pay attention to the republican primaries coming up.  Here in Virginia, we’ve got one coming up. The establishment hates my guts, but we’ve races all across the country. Go and vote in Republican primaries. Vote out Republican incumbents who are not going to be supporting President Trump. Vote out Republicans who all they want to do is get elected. They don’t care about principles. Vote them out of office. Make sure they don’t get past the Republican nomination process. Because at the end of the day, a Republican who behaves and votes like a Democrat is no better than a Democrat. In fact, it’s even worse. 

Addressing President Trump: 
“President Trump, I ask you this. Stay true to the message you delivered to the United States, to American citizens, over 60 million of them who voted for you. 

We need to build the wall

We need to defund obamacare. 
We need to defund Planned Parenthood
On Sanctuary cities: 
We need to prosecute mayors and governors who declare their jurisdictions sanctuary cities. 
And we have to stop any mechanism that would control law-abiding Americans’ Second Amendment rights. 

The only way to stop a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun. 

Gun control does not work. 

This bill could not possibly be worse. 

“Let’s take back our party, let’s take back our country, let’s take back Virginia, and let’s take back the United States of America.” 


The omnibus spending bill was a disaster for any conservative American. Big League Politics has already exposed the bill for its lack of wall funding, and blatant gun control.

Corey Stewart is one of the few Republicans willing to stand up against the RINOs running the swamp in Washington, D.C.


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