Corey Stewart: Fairfax Is Now A Sanctuary County

Corey Stewart, Twitter

Republican Senate candidate Corey Stewart is railing against Fairfax County officials for their refusal to enforce immigration law. Fairfax County will not detain or deport illegal aliens, which effectively makes it a sanctuary county.

Stewart is burnishing his America First credentials as he runs against failed vice presidential candidate Tim Kaine in 2018.

“Fairfax County Leadership have all given up their oaths to protect and serve Virginians living in Fairfax County,” Stewart proclaimed in a statement provided to Big League Politics.

“With her refusal to entertain ICE detainers of illegal immigrants, Fairfax County Sheriff Stacey Kincaid has in essence given up and admitted to the public that she is no longer committed to working with immigration officials to keep dangerous criminals off the street.”

“It is official — Fairfax County is now a sanctuary jurisdiction. Last year Deputy Chief Ryan said Fairfax would not participate in general immigration enforcement. He may as well have said Fairfax police will no longer work to protect its citizens.”

“The very first time an illegal alien Fairfax releases to the streets commits a crime, these Fairfax office holders will be guilty of accessory to whatever crime that illegal alien commits — rape, murder, drug trafficking,” Stewart said.

“Fairfax’s disregard for the rule of law is astonishing, and under my watch as U.S. Senator it will not stand,” he said. “The fact that Sheriff Kincaid had to go into hiding for a few days after this announcement tells you everything you need to know. They’re willingly quitting their job to try to win the votes of illegals.”

“It’s time we put America first again by ending chain migration, defunding and ending DACA, building the wall, ending the visa lottery, prosecuting sanctuary city officials, and mandate immigration checks of arrests and cooperation with federal immigration law.”

Stewart previously ran for governor of Virginia, coming a point away from knocking off establishment Republican Ed Gillespie in the primary. Gillespie lost in the general election. Stewart was dogged by Antifa and other left-wing protesters during his gubernatorial campaign.

Big League Politics reported:

“People are tired of the disconnected, out-of-touch, establishment on the left and the right,” said Corey A. Stewart, the chairman of the Prince William Board of County Supervisors looking to challenge Sen. Timothy M. Kaine (D.-Va.).

Voters are well aware that Kaine is not one of them, he said.

“They know that Tim Kaine doesn’t really represent the average guy,” he said. “He’s in tight with Antifa. He won’t condemn them—his son is a member of Antifa.” The senator’s son Linwood M. “Woody” Kaine was arrested at an Antifa protest at the Minnesota state house in Minnapolis—after fleeing from law enforcement officers and struggling with them, so that they had to knock down the masked media studies major be cuffed.

The native of Minnesota said he has written off any hope of support from the National Republican Senate Committee or any of the other committees that the Republican Party uses oppose conservatives.

“Everyone knows the Republican establishment will say some things in public that are negative towards the Democrats, then right after they’re done, they’re on the golf course playing a round of golf with the people they just condemned,” he said.

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