Cori Bush Says Biden Should Say ‘Abortion’ More. Here’s Why That’s A Bad Idea.

The left has been fighting the battle for abortion rights tooth and nail ever since the SCOTUS draft opinion was leaked.

So much for safe, legal, and rare; Democrats have proven time and time again that they want abortion on-demand up until birth. With some states are even flirting with post-birth “abortions.”

Now, Rep. Cori Bush (D-MO) is calling out President Biden. Urging him to “do more” to support abortion access amid this “Republican war on women.”

Bush has said that Biden has not been vocal enough about abortion in public and that this needs to change.

In an interview with HuffPost that was published on Wednesday, the Missouri congresswoman said “I do think that [Biden] should say [abortion] more.”

“People are looking to what the president does,” said Bush, “We need the president to say the word ‘abortion’ out loud.”

The congresswoman then went on to say that Biden simply “has not said it enough.”

Bush has a point, because Biden rarely uses the word abortion, and when he does, it’s usually in written statements┬álike when the President criticized the Texas abortion bill:

“… it deputizes private citizens to bring lawsuits against anyone who they believe has helped another person get an abortion, which might even include family members, health care workers, front desk staff at a health care clinic, or strangers with no connection to the individual.”

Instead, Biden usually uses terms like “woman’s health care” in place of abortion.

Notably, the president didn’t even use the term for the 48th and 49th anniversaries of Roe v. Wade in January 2021 and January 2022.

So what is really going on here? We have to remember that Biden is a master politician, and he has a whole arsenal of writers that choose his words very carefully.

The point is that this administration knows that the word abortion is still a heavily controversial topic for many Americans. They also know that by using the term more often, he risks alienating some voters who may not be ready to fully embrace abortion rights.

This is something the more radical wing of the Democrat party fails to understand.

All of the rhetoric surrounding the potential strike down of Roe has been a tightrope act.

On one hand, progressives want abortion rights shouted from the rooftops, while many moderates are less outraged by the potential ruling than most Democrat leaders would be willing to admit.

Instead, the data shows that Americans care more about the economy and the ongoing baby formula shortage than Roe V. Wade. Which has certain Democrat talking heads like Cori Bush scrambling to make sense of the whole situation.

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