CORONA: Democrat Students Blame Trump More than the Chinese Government

The College Fix recently reportedthat Democrat college students are blaming President Donald Trump more than the Chinese government for the Wuhan Virus’s global reach.

The online poll asked 1,000 college students the following question: “Who has played more of a role in the global spread of coronavirus?” The choices presented were “President Trump,” “the Chinese government,” “both equally” and “neither/something else.”

According to the results, 27 percent of Democratic college students blame President Trump more as opposed to the 15 percent who blame the Chinese government more. On the other hand, only 3 percent of Republican college students pinned the blame on President Trump more while 72 percent blamed the Chinese government more.

Only 3 percent of Republican students blame Trump and the Chinese government equally, whereas 36 percent of Democratic college students and 28 percent of independents do so.

11 percent of independent college students blame President Trump more versus 36 percent who blame the Chinese government more.

Based on the overall results of the 1,000 college students polled, 16 percent blame President Trump more, 34 blame the Chinese government more, 27 blame both equally, and 23 chose neither/something else.

College Pulse, an online survey studying student attitudes, conducted the student poll for The College Fix on April 6. The sample was taken from College Pulse’s undergraduate student panel that consists of 270,000 verified students from over 900 different colleges and universities in all 50 states.

These polls reveal the growing divide in America where people are polarized on practically every issue and there appears to be no sense of unity on fundamental issues.

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