Coronavirus Panic Does Not Slow Down Enthusiasm for Trump Campaign in Key Battleground State

The coronavirus panic has not impacted enthusiasm for President Trump’s campaign in the state of Michigan, as evidenced by a large event that took place at the South Lyon Hotel in South Lyon, Mich. on Friday.

The Michigan Trump Republicans hosted the luncheon event to recruit volunteers in the 11th Congressional district as they attempt to oust incumbent Congresswoman Haley Stevens, who has said publicly that she wants to put the NRA out of commission.

“Representative Haley Stevens supports the “do nothing Democrat” agenda and has spoken out against voters’ God-given rights. She is part of a Congress that has done nothing to help citizens,” Michigan Conservative Coalition president Rosanne Ponkowski said in a press release.

Over 80 people attended the event on Friday amidst the coronavirus panic. Some were still in attendance at the luncheon when President Trump announced a state of emergency. Still, attendees are leery of joining in the mass panic that is sweeping the nation, which they feel is being exploited by the Democrat Party and the mainstream media to hurt the President’s re-election chances.

“The Left is using it against Trump, but it’s not affecting the enthusiasm of his supporters. I think the Democrats are trying to use it to stop us from having rallies. I don’t know how we made it through so many crises in the past with all of the panic we are seeing,” said Kathy Kubik, a Republican precinct delegate from Commerce Township, who is skeptical about the impact of the virus.

The event organizers noted that attendees were as energized as ever, with coronavirus fears only emboldening their resolve to get the President re-elected.

“I think the coronavirus has energized Trump supporters even more throughout the state. The only people that we had cancel from attending the event were people that were going through chemotherapy, or people like my Nana who is 90-years-old. They were the only people that cancelled. Everyone else showed up,” said Kelly Powell, one of the volunteers who helped organize the event.

“I think the enthusiasm is higher, and I think we are more mad because the Democrats are hurting our economy and our way of life. Michigan Women for Trump showed up and proved that we are not going to bow down to the hysteria,” she added.

“This is a serious situation to be sure,” said Meshawn Maddock, leader of the 11th Congressional District Republicans, who helped emcee the event, “but the Democrats condemn the President for stopping flights and then condemn him for not doing anything. It’s just another topic for them to complain about.”

“I’m hearing nothing but outrage and passion from our people. They can’t believe the fake news media gets to always dictate events and blame Trump for anything. I don’t think it will have a big impact on the election because it is so far out. We still have a lot of time to remind America how bad the Democrats are,” she added.

This may have been the last large pro-Trump event in Michigan for some time, as Democrat Gov. Gretchen Whitmer has ordered a ban on gatherings with 50 or more people via executive order starting on Tuesday, Mar. 17. It will take far more than a Democrat edict to stop the Trump movement in this or any other battleground state from being a political powerhouse in November though.

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