Corporate Leftists Moving to Strip Georgia of MLB All-Star Game Over Election Integrity Laws

Left-wing activists are moving to strip Georgia of the 2021 Major League Baseball All-Star Game, in the aftermath of a new law regulating election processes following the state’s chaotic 2020 election.

Left-wing activists are also targeting Georgia corporations such as Delta, Home Depot and Coca-Cola, boycotting the companies until the powerful corporations stand against Georgia’s election processes.

The supposed anti-democratic law does little more than standardize eligibility for mail-in ballots, create state oversight of local boards of elections, and ban giving food to people standing in line waiting to vote at precincts. Biden has likened the law, which merely regulates Georgia’s election laws under 21st century standards, to Jim Crow and an attack on democracy.

The MLB Player’s Union executive director Tony Clark suggested that some players support moving the All-Star game, stating that the union was “very much aware” of the election integrity law.

One left-wing lobby organization is also pressuring the Professional Golfer’s Association to move the Masters tournament from Georgia.

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