Corporate Media Journalist Reports Gun Company to Secret Service for “Let’s Go Brandon” AR-15

South Carolina gun manufacturer Palmetto State Armory has released a “Let’s Go Brandon” AR-15 lower, with one NBC news writer taking it upon himself to report the product to the Secret Service. The Let’s Go Brandon lower(a part used to build an AR-15 rifle) was retailed on PSA’s website last week.

The lower features a NASCAR flag- an allusion to the origin of the Let’s Go Brandon meme- and an inscription of the saying next to the lower’s serial number.

Ken Dilanian- a so-called “journalist” who has been previously caught clearing his writings with the CIA’s propaganda czars- called the Secret Service about the entirely legal product. The organization had no comment about the lower.

Dilanian admitted he tattled to the government about the meme in a series of tweets on Monday. Dilanian marketed an article about Palmetto State Armory’s Let’s Go Biden article as an “exclusive,” apparently unaware that writing about content hosted publicly on the website of a major company does not qualify as exclusive reporting.

The notches on the lower’s safety selector options are “F***,” “Joe,” and “Biden.”

Palmetto State Armory is one of the most popular firearms manufacturers in America, with a reputation for building AR-style firearms at the company’s South Carolina facilities.

The “Let’s Go Brandon” lower isn’t intended to convey a message of political violence, against Biden or anyone else. Palmetto State Armory states its commitment to gun safety and rejection of illegal acts of aggression on its website, reserving the use of force for self-defense. It’s merely a statement in support of Second Amendment rights, an American tradition that Biden zealously opposes.

The Let’s Go Brandon lower is already available for preorder on Palmetto State’s website, and it’ll ship to customers in 10-12 weeks.

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