Corporate Titans are Supporting College Affirmative Action Policies

Several big companies have called on the Supreme Court to validate the use of anti-white college admissions policies. The corporate titans argued that more diversity in universities nationwide will lead to heightened economic innovation and business prowess.

“Empirical studies confirm that diverse groups make better decisions thanks to increased creativity, sharing of ideas, and accuracy. And diverse groups can better understand and serve the increasingly diverse population that uses their products and services,” over 60 companies declared in an amicus court brief on August 1. “These benefits are not simply intangible; they translate into businesses’ bottom lines.”

Among the signatories of the amicus brief “major American business enterprises,” were high-profile companies such as Apple, Google General Motors, American Airlines Group, and Lyft. The brief alluded to reports published by which consisted of the Academy of Management Journal, Corporate Governance, and the Review of Quantitative Finance and Accounting to justify its call for passing affirmative action.

The Wall Street Journal noted that “Other companies joined separate briefs supporting the colleges.” In addition, WSJ called attention to how “No businesses filed briefs opposed to the university policies.”

In the next term, the Supreme Court is expected to take on separate cases challenging race-based admissions practices at the University of North Carolina and Harvard College.

Students for Admissions, a group supported by former stockbroker Edward Blum, initiated the legal challenge by suing Harvard and UNC on the grounds that their race-based admissions process violates constitutional equal-protection provisions.

A group backed by former stockbroker Edward Blum, Students for Fair Admissions, sued Harvard and UNC alleging that their consideration of race violates constitutional equal-protection provisions.

The plaintiffs stressed that the two universities’ admissions policies granted unfair advantages to black, Hispanic, and Native Americans at the expense of white and Asian applicants. 

“Harvard insinuated that it uses race as one small factor to break ties between qualified candidates, [but] it actually obsesses over race throughout its process and awards massive preferences to certain groups,” the plaintiffs argued.

The universities argue that they assess applicants on a case-by-case basis and only view race as one factor among multiple others for their admissions processes. 

Previously, a federal district court in Boston took on a case dealing with Harvard’s admissions process and ruled it to be constitutional. A decision by the First US Circuit Court of Appeals in Boston upheld the previous ruling. Similarly, a federal district court in Winston-Salem, N.C upheld the UNC policy.

So far, argument dates haven’t been established, but the cases are expected to be heard during the court’s next term, which starts in October. 

Affirmative action is an anti-white policy that accelerates the Great Replacement and destroys any semblance meritocracy. Racial quotas in universities and businesses create a new elite or elite aspirants that will rule society in the decades to come. When legacy Americans who are pushed to the side in favor of unqualified non-whites, this will usher in a “new class” that will be fundamentally hostile to the Historic American Nation. 

Let’s hope this conservative Supreme Court strikes down these policies, because having affirmative action as a national policy will ensure that multiculturalism becomes hegemonic. 

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