CORPORATE TYRANNY: Mailchimp Bans Molyneux After Complaint From Leftist Doxxing Activist

Mailchimp has banned libertarian pro-Trump philosopher Stefan Molyneux from using their email platform after a leftist activist issued a complaint on social media.

Nandini Jammi of Sleeping Giants, a left-wing collective that incites digital lynch mobs to destroy the lives of conservatives, made the complaint to Mailchimp in a Twitter post on Monday. A day later, Mailchimp terminated the account at her behest.

Molyneux fired back in a Twitter post against the dishonest claims made by Jammi regarding his views:

Sleeping Giants are an organization on the forefront of a left-wing movement to foment commercial terrorism meant to create a digital gulag. They mobilize jackals on social media to hurl threats and spread false information in order to destroy a political opponent’s life, with the intention of making it impossible for dissidents to make a living and feed their families.

Organizations like Sleeping Giants are private enforcers of the Orwellian nightmare, and have emerged as a far bigger threat to the Bill of Rights and Constitution than any government agency.

Free speech advocate Jim Watkins, who owned 8chan before it was blacklisted from the internet, described what happens when commercial terrorist organizations like Sleeping Giants collude with the elite media and Silicon Valley to metaphorically gangrape an individual’s core freedoms.

Watkins explained: “I’ve received threats from big public companies. It’s like commercial terrorism. It’s like ‘we’re going to not only shut you down, I’m going to shut down the companies that are two hops above you on the internet.’”

“Proactively censoring is something they would do in Europe. It’s something they would do in the People’s Republic of China, and that’s okay because that’s their country, but Americans don’t do that,” Watkins said.

However, a culture against freedom of speech and expression has developed in the former land of the free because of commercial terrorist organizations like Sleeping Giants and their Big Tech enablers.

Sen. Josh Hawley (R-MO) has attempted to rectify the situation with legislation that would revoke special privileges for tech firms unless they can prove they are not exerting political bias.

“There’s a growing list of evidence that shows big tech companies making editorial decisions to censor viewpoints they disagree with,” Hawley said after he introduced legislation to amend enforcement of Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act.

“Even worse, the entire process is shrouded in secrecy because these companies refuse to make their protocols public. This legislation simply states that if the tech giants want to keep their government-granted immunity, they must bring transparency and accountability to their editorial processes and prove that they don’t discriminate,” he added.

Until platform neutrality is established by law, the leftist war against the 1st Amendment will only intensify.

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