Corrupt North Dakota Candidate Julie Fedorchak to receive $1.7M in Green New Deal Money

In a recent debate, former State Representative Rick Becker exposed Public Service Commission Chair Julie Fedorchak for receiving payments from companies the commission regulates. Becker is looking to replace Kelly Armstrong in North Dakota’s lone congressional seat. Recent polling demonstrates that Becker enjoys a slight lead in this race. 

In the debate, Becker noted that he couldn’t trust Julie Fedorchak to represent North Dakota in the US Congress due to her history of receiving payments from companies PSC is tasked with regulating. According to exclusive audio that AMP America was able to get its hands on, Fedorchak admitted, “We won’t get any more additional money from [Carbon Summit Solutions] unless that pipeline is completed and that project moves forward.” 

Cara Mund, who is another Republican rival in this congressional race, called attention to Fedorchak’s advocacy against legislation that would have effectively scuttled the pipeline project. 

Mund exposed Fedorchak as having deep-seated financial interests in the completion of the pipeline. Mund then brought forward a draft storage facility permit exposing Fedorchak and her husband’s potential to profit from 640 acres of land. The Fedorchaks are projected to rake in over $1.7M in royalty payments from this land.

Fedrochak has a suspicious history of receiving campaign donations from energy companies. North American Coal donated $10,000 to her campaign back in September 2014. For its contribution, North American Coal got a new mine approved a month later. 

Similarly, in July 2016,  PSC approved a NextEra wind farm. For her approval of this project, Fedorchak received a sweet Christmas present in the form of a $5,000 donation from the company. 

Such donations have raised many questions about Fedorchak’s susceptibility of being influenced by special interest groups and other organizations, such as the Koch brothers who infamously backed failed-candidate Nikki Haley, that do not have the best interests of North Dakotans in mind. 

On May 28, 2024, Becker reiterated the point that Fedorchak is a corrupt public official that’s unqualified for holding federal office:   

At least $1.7M… That’s the amount we’re finding out Julie will make from her royalty payments with the pipeline – whose mission is ‘advancing communities through decarbonization’ just like the Green New Deal.

I said it in the debate, and I’ll say it again: I find it hard to trust Julie, or any politician for that matter, who manages to create wealth off of companies they regulate.

North Dakotans are losing their land because of this project and other liberal climate change policies, but not Julie. Her land has been untouched.

Hopefully, on June 11, 2024 — primary election day in North Dakota — voters do the right thing and pull the lever for liberty conservative champion in Rick Becker.

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