Corrupt Obama Lawyer Escapes Criminal Charges With DC Jurors Who Thought It Was A Waste Of Time

Greg Craig, a former Obama White House attorney, was acquitted of charges of lying to the FBI Wednesday.

One juror openly admitted that he saw the case against Craig- that accused the elite Democrat of lying about his activity as an unregistered foreign agent of Ukraine– as a waste of resources.

60-year old Michael Meyer expressed his preference to see other unnamed individuals criminally charged as a result of special counsel Robert Mueller’s Russia probe. Craig was charged in part because of new evidence revealed in the seemingly endless investigation, but Meyer would’ve preferred to see alternative indictments.

I just could not understand why so many resources of the government were put into this when, in fact, actually the republic itself is at risk,” Meyer said.I was deeply offended personally … that this particular case was brought against this particular man.

It’s puzzling why anyone concerned with purported foreign interference in America’s political system would perceive a criminal case related to actual collusion as a waste of time. The lack of a conviction against a prominent Democrat suggests that accusations of foreign collusion are only meant as a political weapon against Republicans and conservatives.

Craig’s undercover activities with the Ukrainian Ministry of Justice had been a topic of concern for the Justice Department previously, and the Democratic bigwig only escaped charges related to FARA(Foreign Agents Registration Act) violations on statue of limitations grounds.

As a beltway insider Democrat walks away scot-free from what appeared to be slam dunk charges nailing him for lying about his foreign lobbying activities, it’s increasingly impossible for impartial Americans to take the federal court system’s approach to such cases seriously.


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