CORRUPT: Saint Louis Prosecutors Ordered Police to Alter McCloskey’s Inoperable Pistol for Criminal Charges

New documents have revealed that one of Soros-linked Saint Louis prosecutor Kim Garder’s subordinates ordered police to reassemble the inoperable firearm Patricia McCloskey was seen holding at the couple’s confrontation with Black Lives Matter rioters, in order to render it a functional firearm- purely for the purposes of the criminal charges against the McCloskeys.

Saint Louis KSDK released documents Wednesday revealing that Assistant Circuit Attorney Chris Hinckley ordered employees at the Saint Louis Police crime lab to reassemble the firearm in a functional capacity, after initial inspection of the weapon revealed that it had been altered in a fashion intended to render it inoperable. Its status as a dummy firearm was known to the McCloskeys- the couple, both lawyers, had used it for courtroom demonstrations where functional firearms are not allowed.

The firing pin on the weapon, that appears to be a compact pistol, was placed behind the firing pin spring, rendering it unable to fire. Police and prosecutors must prove that a firearm is β€œreadily” capable of lethal use in order for a conviction in unlawful weapons cases, such as those that Gardner has charged the McCloskeys with.

McCloskey family attorney Joel Schwartz slammed what appears to be naked alteration of evidence in legal proceedings in response to the documents, stating that “it’s disheartening to learn that a law enforcement agency altered evidence in order to prosecute an innocent member of the community.”

President Donald Trump and Governor Mike Parson have already pledged to pardon the McCloskeys in the event Gardner- who steadfastly refuses to prosecute Black Lives Matter rioters- secures a conviction on the bunk charges.

It’s time for the ridiculous criminal charges against the McCloskeys to be dropped, and for Missouri Attorney General Eric Schmitt to begin a full investigation into the pattern of misconduct and left-wing political bias on the part of Gardner and her office.

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