Cory Booker Admits There’s a Crisis at the Border

2020 presidential candidate Cory Booker admits that there is a problem at the border.

The New Jersey Senator, unlike the majority of the 2020 hopefuls in the Democratic Party and the left-wing media, finally acknowledges this unsavory truth.

According to the Hill, Booker said “We do have a problem at the southern border”, while also warning that “Democrats should not deny that we [do]. Nations should have borders, borders should be respected.”

Booker said that his only gripe with President Donald Trump is that “his technologies don’t work

The 2020 presidential hopeful took a shot at Trump’s wall proposal and said that “I’ve gone down to the border, I’ve hung out with [Customs and Border Protection], and other border patrol folks and they’re like, ‘There’s no way we need a wall coast-to-coast.”

Instead, Booker proposed the alternative of using drone and sensor technology. He added, “We have a time now where you can use sensors and technologies and drones and a lot more to protect the border, which is what we should do.”

President Trump has been able to secure wall funding from the Pentagon and also floated the idea of sending illegal immigrants to sanctuary cities.

However, a divided Congress has tied his hands.

BLP reports that immigration is the number #1 issue among GOP voters, so it stands to reason that making immigration the focal point of Trump’s re-election campaign is a smart political move.

Trump will need strong support in both chambers of Congress in order to achieve a dramatic overhaul of the immigration system.

There is a lot at stake now with the changing demographics in the U.S. that could fundamentally alter the political and social climate in the country for decades to come. In Europe, mass migration has already brought significant social changes that have fueled the rise of nationalist movement across the region.

Should no reforms to the immigration system come about, the U.S. could go through an unprecedented socio-political transformation.

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