Could Arizona’s Andy Biggs Become the Next Republican Speaker of the House?

With private dissent against the leadership of House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy surfacing into the open, some in Republican politics have begun to speculate about potential replacements as leader of the GOP caucus. A few conservative commentators have pointed to Rep. Andy Biggs, an Arizona member who currently leads the House Freedom Caucus.

Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene has indicated she doubts McCarthy has the support necessary to be elected as Speaker of the House in the event Republicans take control of the lower chamber in 2022’s midterms. Greene cites lacking leadership from McCarthy, failing to deter Democrat initiatives to remove committee memberships from herself and firebrand conservative Paul Gosar.  McCarthy took the position as a deputy of Paul Ryan, a thorough establishment conservative deeply opposed to President Trump’s populist agenda.

Biggs represents a district that’s heavily populated by the white suburban(in this case, many Mormons) voters whose voting tendencies have proven to make the difference between electoral defeat and history. Arizona itself is likely to remain one of the most competitive swing states in both the 2022 and 2024 election, with a national Republican leader perhaps more likely to bolster support for the party in the state.

Biggs was President of the Arizona Senate before entering Congress, possessing the actual legislative experience it takes to influence policy and negotiations on Capitol Hills. Biggs in turn rose to become the leader of the House Freedom Caucus, a caucus of the more conservative House Republicans.

Some had speculated that Biggs would run for the Senate in Arizona in 2022. It would instead appear that Republicans who want more populist conservative leadership in the House may find a natural candidate to succeed McCarthy in Biggs, who appears well suited for the position.

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