Could Oregon End Up Having the Strongest Gun Control Laws in the Country?

On November 8, 2022, Oregon voters will be voting on ballot Measure 114, the Reduction of Gun Violence Act,  which would mandate a permit to acquire all kinds of firearms. 

According to a report by Scottie Barnes of The Epoch Times, if voters pull the lever for this measure, it “would virtually end the legal sale of firearms in the state.” 

Under this new act, the following would occur: 

Magazines that hold over 10 rounds would be prohibited. 

Everyday pump-action shotguns that millions of Americans use would be banned.

State Police would be forced to maintain an “electronically searchable, publicly available database” that maintains records of all permit applications.

So far, the ballot measure is polling at 51%.

Opponents of the ballot measure contend that it will create a bureaucratic boondoggle that would negatively impact lawful gun owners, be nearly impossible for lawful citizens to comply with, infringe on the right to bear arms, and put law enforcement in compromising positions.  

This measure would create a mandate that would require a permit issued by local law enforcement agencies for the purchase of any types of firearms. Individuals who apply for this permit would have to pay a fee, submit fingerprints, undergo safety training, and be subjected to a criminal background check. 

The passage of this bill would only accelerate Oregon’s descent into anti-gun oblivion. According to Guns & Ammo magazine’s best states for gun owners’ rankings, Oregon is ranked in 32nd place

Should voters green light the Reduction of Gun Violence Act, Oregon will join the likes of New York and California as some of the most anti-gun jurisdictions in the nation. Oregon gun owners in rural areas must brace themselves and be ready to nullify the passage of this anti-gun measure. That’s the reality of securing gun rights in anti-gun blue states.

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