#CounterCancelled Event Next Week in Las Vegas Aims to End Digital Censorship

Free speech activists are gathering in Las Vegas next week to discuss how to stop digital censorship, end cancel culture, and restore the 1st Amendment in the United States.

#CounterCancelled, hosted by Creator Connect, is being keynoted by COVID skeptical Dr. Peter McCullough and social media pioneer Jason Fyk. The agenda will go from Tuesday, June 21 to Thursday, June 23.

Dr. McCullough is a prominent opponent of the COVID-19 vaccine regime. He has been vindicated as the vaccines have not prevented transmission and are now resulting in ghastly side-effects.

“The vaccines should be pulled off the market. They clearly are not solving the problem,” he told WND in a recent interview.

“I think Americans are going to understand that their individual choice is really what’s going to matter in the end,” McCullough added. “If Americans decide that they’re not going to take any boosters or any more vaccines, it doesn’t matter how many mandates or how many court decisions that happen. The vaccine program is going to crumble. I think it’s just a matter of saying no.”

Big League Politics has reported on Fyk’s lawsuits against Big Tech to hold the monopolists accountable:

An entrepreneur is suing Facebook after the tech giant shut his page down, allegedly to make room for advertisement space on users’ timelines, causing him to lose millions of dollars.

“As I announced this morning on Fox and Friends, I am bringing a lawsuit against Facebook in the hope of putting an end to the Double Standards and clear abuse of their responsibilities. Silencing people for any reason is simply wrong!” Jason Fyk Tweeted after appearing on Fox’s morning show.

“Facebook is unlawfully silencing people for their own financial gain… Facebook is not above the law and must be held accountable for its wrongs,” read a statement from Fyk’s attorney as part of the Fox & Friends segment. “This is a true case of David versus Goliath.”

Fyk, who appeared on the show with his attorney, said that before his page was shut down in late 2016, it was the fifth most active web page on the entire internet.

“There was no malice involved, there was no specific intent – we just got on there to entertain,” he said. “The reality is, they wanted the newsfeed to push their ads into the newsfeed, so they needed to move everybody out of the way. There’s only a finite amount of space that goes into everybody’s feed, and they have to control it.”

Sean Callagy, attorney for Fyk, said that his client was “unplugged” so that the social media titan could “cut themselves in” to his business for free.

“Everything [on Facebook] is about having the dependable, consistent reach to get to people for advertisers,” Callagy said. “So [Fyk’s] advertisers disappeared, but Facebook kept that reach for themselves, and/or redistributed it to other people.”

At the time his page was shut down, Fyk had over 25 million viewers and was earning hundreds of thousands of dollars per month from ad revenue.”

Tickets for this #CounterCancelled event featuring conservative personalities on the cutting edge of the fight for American freedom can be accessed here.

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