Countries Where Most of Aid to Ukraine Came from in 2022 

From Russia’s invasion of Ukraine in late February 2022, to November, the United States government has sent $50.9 billion in financial, humanitarian, and military aid to Ukraine per a report by Statista.

Statista writer Anna Fleck drew information from the Ukraine Support Tracker to show how deep these aid contributions go. The US is leading the way in providing aid to Ukraine, with the EU contributing $37.2 billion, the UK $7.5 billion, Germany $5.8 billion, and Canada $5.1 billion. 

According to researchers at the Kiel Institute for the World Economy, EU nations combined are beginning to match the US in terms of its contribution to Ukraine. This is especially true with the passage of a new Macro-Financial Assistance (MFA) package of 18 billion euros. agreed by the EU for 2023 narrowed the gap.

When the contributions of all EU Institutions and countries are summed up, their combined contributions now come  just below 52 billion euros.

In November, Christoph Trebesch, who heads the efforts of compiling data for Ukraine Support Tracker, said:

“Until now, the EU’s support to Ukraine since the start of the war has always lagged behind that of the United States. This has changed in recent weeks, as the total value of EU commitments now exceeds those of the U.S. The large new EU pledges are a welcome development, given the major role of this war for European security.”

Bilateral aid in terms of GDP percentages, sees various European countries, especially those who were formerly part of Imperial Russia and satellite states and constituent republics of the Soviet Union come out on top. For example, Estonia (1.1%), Latvia (0.9%) and Poland (0.5%) are the most generous contributors. The US finds itself in 10th place, in how it has contributed 0.2% of its GDP to help Ukraine stave off Russia’s invasion

Eastern European countries have every reason to be skeptical of Russia’s geopolitical ambitions given their long history of being under its thumbs. However, the US is not in Eastern Europe and it’s thousands of miles away from Russia. It also possesses a vast nuclear arsenal that shields it from a potential Russian invasion. 

In sum, this is not the US’s fight. 

Unfortunately, US lawmakers don’t get this and will continue to pour money into Ukraine at American taxpayers’ expense.

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