COVER-UP? Maricopa County Board of Supervisors Refuses to Comply with Subpoenas of Dominion Voting Machines

The Maricopa County Board of Supervisors is refusing to comply with subpoenas issued by the Arizona Senate to audit and inspect their Dominion ballot counting machines. They will file a complaint in Superior Court and send a letter to the Senate informing them of their decision.

“I move that we authorize the county attorney to respond to the subpoenas issued by the Senate by filing a complaint in Superior Court and by sending a letter to the Senate as directed in executive session,” Board of Supervisors Vice Chairman Jack Sellers said in a special meeting Friday that was broadcast by RSBN.

On Tuesday Big League Politics reported that the Arizona Senate was going to issue the subpoenas. Senator Eddie Farnsworth (R-Gilbert), the chair of the Arizona Senate Judiciary Committee, made the announcement Monday at the end of a legislative session, saying that there is evidence of tampering and fraud.

“We hold and audit and we see what the outcome is. And then we can put this to rest,” he said.

Farnsworth mentioned that he’s trying to “reinsert some confidence in our election process” and that it’s not unreasonable to investigate potential voter fraud—especially when it appears to be swept under the rug and dismissed out of hand as not possibly credible.

“I do have a concern that the county is taking the position that it just can’t happen. There is a litany of white-collar crimes, digital crimes in the history of this country and this world of some very sophisticated people and the victims didn’t recognize it until some future time. I think it’s really, really dangerous for us to say, ‘It can’t happen,’” he said.

Could this be a cover-up by Maricopa County officials? Possibly. According to Peter Navarro’s recent report on the 2020 election, there is widespread evidence of statistical anomalies, voting machine irregularities, and violations of the Equal Protection Clause that happened in the state of Arizona.

It would be significantly better for our nation long-term if we collectively plugged our noses and tried to get to the bottom of what happened in this election. Questioning and antagonizing people for asking about the mere possibility of fraud, on top of trying to rubber stamp the election for Joe Biden as quickly as possible, is a surefire way to upset tens of millions of people and make them feel effectively disenfranchised.

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