Covfefe Coffee Banned From Amazon Ads For American Flag

Amazon Bans American Flag

A Pro-Trump coffee brand has been prohibited from advertising with Amazon after using the American flag and the words “No Nonsense” and “No BS” on their advertisements.

Covfefe Coffee, inspired by the famous covfefe tweet from President Donald Trump, and made famous by conservatives including Laura Loomer, Jack Posobiec, and Ben Garrison, had its Amazon ads pulled due to the use of the American flag.

Amazon considers use of the flag a violation of its rules against advocating political parties, candidates, or causes.

After speaking to Big League Politics, Covfefe Coffee provided several emails showing Amazon describe the American flag as “not appropriate for advertising,” with one Amazon employee adding that he does not “anticipate when these products will be eligible for advertising in the near future,” indicating that this is not a new or temporary policy for the online retail giant.

In a followup email, another Amazon employee specifically told Covfefe Coffee they would need to “remove the [American] flag from the product image” and remove the words “No Nonsense” and “No BS” from the advertisements.

After weighing the potential cost to the business if were to disagree with Amazon’s decision to prohibit the American flag, Covfefe Coffee complied with Amazon’s demands. However, even after removing the American flag and the offending phrases from his ads, Amazon has been unwilling to advertise the pro-Trump coffee brand.

Covfefe Coffee was also banned from Facebook and Instagram advertising due to their nebulous new rules against political advertising.

Due to fears of Russian meddling in the 2016 election, Facebook now worries the coffee brand may be a political organization, and its advertisements considered donations to President Trump at best, or a scary Russian hacker at worst.

Covfefe Coffee told Big League Politics that its response to this type of Big Tech censorship would be work directly with content creators, and cited their promotions with Loomer, Posobiec and Garrison, as well as others with Scott Adams, Joy Villa, and Brandon Straka.


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