Coward Cop Who Sat in Car While Children Were Killed in Parkland Massacre Reinstated with Pension and Backpay

Sgt. Brian Miller, who became a reviled figure nationally as he hid in his car while children were massacred at a Parkland, Fla. high school shooting in 2018, is going to be reinstated to his old job and be given back pay following a controversial ruling.

Miller was fired by Broward Sheriff Gregory Tony in June 2019 after it was discovered that he sat in his car for seven minutes after he arrived to the high school while the shooting was already taking place. His inaction very well could have cost more students their lives.

The Browards Sheriffs Office (BSO) Deputies Association confirmed on Thursday that Miller would be reinstated due to an arbitration hearing that ruled in his favor.

“The ruling found BSO violated Sgt. Brian Miller’s Constitutional due process rights and improperly terminated him,” a news release from the Deputies Association stated.

The BSO “stands by the initial termination” and is currently “exploring all legal options to address this erroneous decision.”

The parents of the victims of the mass shooting are outraged that the coward who sat on his hands while their children were brutally slain is being rewarded for his derelict behavior.

“He was a coward. He certainly does not deserve to get his job back, and I hope that the judge that this ruling can be overturned and changed,” said Max Schachter, whose son Alex was killed at Stoneman Douglas.

“When he arrived the murderer was still in the building firing shots off and he did nothing, he just waited behind his car,“ he added.

The official reason why Miller is being reinstated is because he was allegedly reprimanded two days following the window that the BSO was allowed to do so.

“We were prepared to address the termination, Sgt. Miller’s dismissal, on the merits. But preliminarily, we filed the motion for summary judgment because BSO had violated his procedural rights,” said Miller’s attorney, Gary Lippman.

The BSO is expected to appeal the ruling determined by the arbiter to ensure this coward cop receives the punishment he deserves for disgracing the uniform.

“The Broward Sheriff’s Office does not agree with the arbitrator’s decision and stands by the initial termination of Sergeant Brian Miller. The arbitrator ruled on the case without conducting any evidentiary hearing whatsoever and without taking the testimony of a single witness,” the general counsel for the BSO stated in a press release.

“The decision was based upon a technicality that we believe was wrongly decided. The arbitrator ruled on a procedural issue that BSO allegedly took too long to conduct the investigation, which is the exact opposite finding of an arbitrator that addressed this same issue in an earlier case. The Broward Sheriff’s Office is exploring all legal options to address this erroneous decision,” they added.

There are growing clamors on social media for the disgraced sheriff to resign:

If this decision is not reversed, it will only cause more people to lose respect for law enforcement as they are unable to police their own ranks and enforce accountability.

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