Cowardly Michigan GOP Lawmakers Mock Dominion Whistleblower Harassed at Giuliani Hearing

A cowardly Michigan RINO in the state legislature is mocking the Dominion whistleblower who has endured loss of employment and a national harassment campaign from the fake news after coming forward to detail election fraud in Detroit.

State representative Beau LaFave of Iron Mountain posted a meme that called whistleblower Melissa Carone “Erin Drunkovich” and tagged state representative Steve Johnson of Wayland in the post. Johnson was the loser who embarrassed himself during an exchange with Carone in which sell out attempted to minimize the fraud that occurred on election day.

After one of LaFave’s constituents was outraged by his classless and disgusting post, he insulted the constituent and dragged Carone’s name through the mud further.

“well, I don’t represent you. So I guess then it’s ok?” LaFave said.

“She was an incredibly rude and condescending witness who is making it harder to prove there were provable problems. But I guess as she agrees with you she can say anything?” he added.

LaFave deleted his post on Facebook, but it was archived by Uncover DC co-host Anna Timmer:

Carone’s legendary smack down of Johnson and other fraud-denying lawmakers can be seen here:

Big League Politics has reported on how Carone has emerged as one of the most credible whistleblowers against Dominion, the firm widely believed to be behind many of the electoral irregularities that happened during the vote:

Poll worker Mellissa Carone is going public after signing an affidavit that detailed extensive abnormalities happening at the absentee ballot counting board in the TCF Center in Detroit on election night.

Carone wrote in her affidavit about how ballots were scanned and counted multiple times at the facility. She has also attested that Republicans were deliberately disenfranchised throughout the process and robbed of their rights so they could not snuff out any potential fraud.

“I witnessed countless workers rescanning the batches without discarding them first which resulted in ballots being counted 4-5 times,” Carone wrote in her affidavit.

She appeared on “Lou Dobbs Tonight” on Wednesday. Dobbs described an IT specialist who was “contracted by Dominion voting services to offer technical support while votes were being counted in Detroit.” Her attorney, David Kallman also appeared on the broadcast alongside her. She explained how mysterious food vans showed up bringing up cargo that did not appear to be food.

“I worked a 24 hour shift… I was there during their day shift and their night shift. The city provides the workers with food for their shift. Well, they only had enough food for one-third of their workers. So, that is the reason why they were claiming that these vans were brought in, but these vans did not have food in them,” Carone said.

“I was not allowed over in that area at all, but the van was definitely not big enough to be carrying food for two-thirds of those workers,” she added.

Kallman explained how he is proceeding with lawsuits to create an audit for the elections to ensure full transparency.

“Michigan now has a new constitutional provision that allows voters to request a results-oriented audit to ensure the accuracy and integrity of elections, so we are asking the court, and we did it today…The judge is going to rule at noon on Friday as to whether or not an injunction will issue to stop the certification of the vote and whether or not there or not will be an audit order as well as a protective order to protect evidence so it is not destroyed,” Kallman said.

The Republicans who are aiding and abetting this steal should be held in the lowest regard, and that seems to include Michigan state representatives Beau LaFave and Steve Johnson.

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