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2018 Midterms

Craigslist Ad Offers To PAY Dems To Attend Obama-Abrams Rally in Georgia



An Atlanta Craigslist ad offered to pay 6,000 people $15 each to attend an Obama rally for Georgia gubernatorial candidate Stacey Abrams.

The ad emphasized how the Abrams campaign needed 6,000 people to pack Forbes Coliseum at Morey 66 7th House College on November 2, 2018.

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Also mentioned in the ad is that Obama would be at the rally with many other Democrats who would be campaigning for Stacey Abrams. “WE will pay $15 to attend this event, as similar campaign stops by the former President have not been filled to capacity. We want a packed house for maximum media exposure.”

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The fact that a former US president who the media falsely proclaimed was the “most loved president in US history” can’t draw a large enough crowd to fill a venue during election season speaks volumes about the current state of the Democrat Party, which has radicalized itself since the beginning of Donald Trump’s presidency.

In contrast, President Trump is drawing huge crowds of supporters  every night on the campaign trail.

Abrams is running against GOP challenger Brian Kemp, who has been endorsed by President Trump.

Red wave coming soon…

2018 Midterms

TROLLED: Pelosi For Prison Banner Flown Over Her San Francisco District

It calls for Pelosi to be locked up for her “crimes against America.”



Liberals in San Francisco were immediately triggered Thursday morning by the sight of an impossible-to-miss 25-foot by 80-foot “Pelosi for Prison” banner flying in the spy upon the left-wing stronghold.

The banner, paid for by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s Republican opponent, DeAnna Lorraine, directs those who see it to a petition, located at, which calls for Pelosi to be jailed for her “crimes against America.” With the banner coming just a day after President Donald Trump’s acquittal in the Pelosi-driven impeachment hearings, it is a sign that some conservatives are moving off of the defensive, and instead focusing on offensive attacks against left-wing figures like Pelosi.

Speaking with Big League Politics, Lorraine states that the banner was a part of her plan to expose Pelosi’s record while in the Congress, along with her “egregious crimes against America.”

“I am running for Congress to clean out the corruption that is Nancy Pelosi. Instead of caring for the people of
San Francisco and advancing their issues on a national scale, she spends her time conducting asinine
impeachments and investigations that amount to absolutely nothing” said DeAnna. “It’s past time we start
hitting her hard on her record of poor leadership and egregious crimes against America, and I look very much
forward to retiring her in November.”

This banner definitely gets that message across, and surely has Nancy Pelosi shaking with rage.

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