Creep Vic Berger Fakes Video, Falsely Accuses Mike Cernovich of Child Abuse

A creepy YouTuber defamed attorney, author and right wing pundit Mike Cernovich on Sunday by dubbing fake audio of a child crying and being spanked over one of Cernovich’s videos.

“Weird Mike @Cernovich is a rapist and also a bad dad. #BadDad cc: @PCAAemerica” Berger wrote in a Twitter post.

PCA America is a child-abuse prevention group.

The hoax is low even by deranged leftist standards, but Berger has harassed Cernovich for a period of years, likely jealous of Cernovich’s success and ability to procreate.

“Hi @TwitterSupport, this verified account was edited to make it appear my wife @ShaunaGee was abusing our daughter. The audio is fake. This user is trying to get me Swatted. We have reported it many times, as he edits fake videos of our daughter,” Cernovich Tweeted.

A “swatting” is an internet term for someone calling 911 in an attempt to send a SWAT team to a victim’s home. Cernovich followed the previous Tweet with one proving that the audio is fake.

Berger’s weird obsession with Cernovich’s family is borderline psychopathic, especially considering that Cernovich’s daughter is only a toddler.

Why is the rabid leftist obsessed with someone else’s young child?

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