Creepy John Brennan to Brief Democrats on Iran

The AP reports that House Democrats are expected to receive a briefing on the Iran crisis from former CIA Director John Brennan this Tuesday.

Brennan, who is a vociferous critic of President Donald Trump, will meet with Democrats at a private weekly caucus meeting to discuss Iran.

This briefing will coincide with another meeting that the Trump administration is conducting with lawmakers the same day. Democratic lawmakers are expected to be in attendance at both sessions.

LCN reported on the Trump administration’s recent moves to send an aircraft carrier and other military assets to the Persian Gulf region. The Trump administration also floated the idea of deploying 120,000 troops to the region.

By sending military resources to the Persian Gulf, the Trump administration has raised speculation of a potential hot conflict with Iran.

Trump has downplayed the possibility of a conflict, but there are still questions in need of answers. The cause for this course of action has had lawmakers demand to know more about what has transpired in Iran.

Trump and Brennan have come to blows about the special counsel’s probe of Russian meddling in the 2016 election. Since stepping down from the CIA position in 2017, Brennan has been an unrelenting opponent of President Donald Trump.

President Trump revoked the former CIA chief’s security credentials after Brennan criticized Trump’s interactions with Russian President Vladimir Putin at a political summit in 2018.

Despite campaigning on an America First platform, President Trump has been undermined by neoconservatives in his administration. Defense interests remain strong and will do what they can to roadblock Trump’s restrained foreign policy agenda.

The nation waits tensely to see if the Trump administration will eventually escalate tensions with Iran.

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