CREEPY: ‘Whistleblower’ Lawyer Travels to Disney Alone and Likes Underage Kid’s Videos on YouTube

Attorney Mark Zaid is representing the deep state whistleblower – now widely believed to be 33-year-old CIA officer Eric Ciaramella – against President Donald Trump, and paints himself as a hero representing the public interest with his legal efforts.

“Our ideal ending is that the identity of the whistleblower is never known and the individual continues on with their personal and professional life as if nothing ever happened,” Zaid said to the Washington Examiner. “That is the best outcome for most whistleblowers, who simply fulfilled their constitutional duty by reporting a reasonable belief of wrongdoing.”

“The key thing is, first, to make sure as a lawyer one never loses sight that it’s the client’s interests that are paramount,” Zaid told The Hill.

“That it doesn’t become about you as the lawyer and that also, when it’s a whistleblower complaint, that it doesn’t become about the client. It’s about the allegations,” he added.

While Zaid would like to stay out of the public eye, his actions have been under increased scrutiny. Zaid’s odd behavior on large-scale tech profiles has raised some suspicions as to what his motives may be for participating in the witch hunt to railroad President Trump.

Zaid has been exposed making social media posts about traveling to Disney World alone, getting pictures by himself with actors portraying Mickey Mouse, Goofy, Donald Duck, Mary Poppins and other popular characters. While that may seem a bit peculiar in and of itself, couple that with the videos Zaid has liked on his YouTube page and it starts to seem very creepy.

Zaid liked videos on YouTube with titles, such as “Top 10 prettiest disney channel stars,” “Top 10 Disney girls,” and “Selena Gomez from child to women,” indicating that his obsession with Disney may not be entirely wholesome.

Zaid has also been exposed as a cheerleader for the coup attempt against President Trump since he immediately took office. Zaid’s extreme partisanship is clearly one of his motivating factors behind joining the lynch mob to overthrow the lawful election of 2016.

Zaid’s alleged connections to suspected pizza partier John Podesta, who many believe engaged in unspeakable acts due to coded WikiLeaks emails that have never been explained, raise additional questions about the Disneyphile’s proclivities.

With headlines about Democrat-affiliated predator Jeffrey Epstein and the mainstream media cover-up surrounding his child sex trafficking network dominating the news, it shows that there is a coordinated conspiracy of sorts that works to protect powerful Democrats as they prey upon innocent children. Zaid, who likes to portray himself as a humble and unassuming whistleblower’s attorney, could be intimately connected to this pervasive network of evil.

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