Crime Climbing in Austin Texas Thanks to Wacko Leftist Policies

According to a report from the Wall Street Journal., Austin, Texas has become the national leader in year-to-year percent increases of homicides during the Wuhan virus pandemic.

The report highlights how the U.S. is experiencing a noticeable increase in homicides in major cities throughout the Wuhan virus pandemic. The lockdowns implemented in response to this pandemic have largely contributed to this instability. However, the lackadaisical response by law enforcement, and more importantly, the irresponsibility of law enforcement across the country have largely contributed to this environment of lawlessness.

Crime statistics compiled for America’s 50 largest cities revealed that reported homicides rose by 24 percent in 2020 — at 3,612. The analysis highlights how incidents of gun violence and shootings are climbing upwards, while other categories of violent crimes such as robbery fell.

Per Austin Police Department Chief Brian Manley’s report for the month of June, the city experienced a 64.29 percent increase in homicides when compared to the same timeframe in 2019. By the end of June 2019, there were 14 murders recorded. For June 2020, there were 23 murders by the month’s end.

One of Austin’s high-profile homicides involved the case of Garrett Foster, a participant at a Black Lives Matter march who was shot to death while wielding a rifle as he approached a car that was being encircled by an unruly mob. Chief Manley mentioned this case along with the reports of increasing crime on July 26.

APD Lt. Eve Stephens shared the Wall Street Journal’s post and said that Austin “leads the country in percentage change for homicides compared to the previous year.”

The Wall Street Journal provided an overview of the crime situation taking place across the nation:

According to the Wall Street Journal, cities with ongoing crime problems saw an increase, including Philadelphia, Detroit and Memphis, Tennessee. Chicago, which was reportedly the worst-hit, marked more than one of every eight homicides. Less-violent places have been impacted as well, including Omaha, Nebraska, and Phoenix. In total, 36 of the 50 cities studied saw homicides rise at double-digit rates.

As far as July was concerned, APD put out media releases for 28 homicides. In 2019, Austin had 23 homicides take place by the end of July, which marks a 20 percent increase for 2020.

Despite its leftist tendencies, Austin has been traditionally an attractive city for people to move to. This is largely due to its pro-business environment and overall safety.

However, local officials want to throw that away by embracing radical leftist causes and make the city unlivable for everyday people. Austin city leaders better get their act together lest they want people to flock out of Austin and head to cities that actually care about maintaining public order.

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