CRINGE: CNN State Media Opines of “Joe Biden’s Arms Embracing America”

CNN daytime host David Chalian spoke of Joe Biden in worshipful terms in a Tuesday segment, claiming that a display of lights intended to memorialize COVID casualties represented the 78-year old President-elect embracing the United States in his arms.

Chalian claimed that President Trump was disgraced, ignoring the fact that polls with a track record of accuracy in the 2020 election reveal the outgoing President’s approval rating is over 50%.

“Those lights that are just shooting out from the Lincoln Memorial… It’s almost like extensions of Joe Biden’s arms embracing America. It’s a moment where the new President came to town and convened the country in this moment of remembrance, outstretching his arms.”

Is this the incoming President, or Chalian’s father? North Korean state propaganda would be jealous.

Joe Biden has opted for the light display in the absence of an inauguration crowd, with the incoming President eschewing a traditional inauguration on account of coronavirus concerns. It’s expected that Biden will speak of ‘unity’ in his Wednesday address, but such a goal is more easily attained through action than through words.

CNN is poised to take on the role of a state propaganda outlet, carrying water for the neoliberal establishment and the globalist elite. Figures within the mainstream media organization expect its ratings and audience to crumble and decline, no longer possessing a captivated liberal audience eager for content targeting President Trump with predictable hitpieces.

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