CRINGE: Nancy Pelosi Says She Says “Open Biden” Instead of “Open Sesame”

In a display of profound cringe, establishment Democrat Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi described how she prefers using the phrase “open Biden” instead of “open Sesame.” Pelosi was speaking in a virtual event with the Biden White House, in which the President addressed Congressional Democrats.

In order to open these doors, we do not say open sesame. We say, ‘Open Biden.’ *laughs* Open Biden! I love it.” Pelosi was speaking in regards to the coronavirus stimulus package rammed through the House of Representatives and proceeding in the Senate, which includes hundreds of billions of dollars of pork tied to $2,000 checks Biden promised to middle-class American taxpayers and is yet to deliver.

This is cringe of the highest order, and could’ve been written in a TV show about hack establishment politicians.

Biden himself was later cut off by his own handlers when he asked whether his staffers were directing him to answer questions or not. The Biden White House is notoriously loathe to place Biden in a situation where he answers any questions, even when they’re coming from members of Congress in his own party.

At least when Trump was President, there was one public figure who could speak in a fashion original enough that it was distinct from a stale mainstream media late night talk show.

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