Croatian President Says NATO is in a Proxy War Against Russia

At a press conference in Vukovar, Croatia, President Zoran Milanovic declared that the United States and NATO are prosecuting a proxy war against Russia in Ukraine.

At the news briefing, the Croatian president stated, “Washington and NATO are waging a proxy war against Russia with the help of Ukraine,” per a report by Croatian news outlet HINA. 

Milanovic declared that sanctions against Russia are “absurd” and “can achieve nothing.”

“The plan should not be about removing [Russian President Vladimir] Putin. The plan should not be about sanctions. Sanctions are absurd and we can achieve nothing using them,” Milanovic said.

“They are shifting from one war to another. But how should I feel – a slave of America?” he continued. 

According to a report by Al Mayadeen English,  the Croatian Parliament previously opposed the “government’s proposal to allow the Ukrainian military to train in Croatia.” In this regard, Milanovic warned that training Ukrainian troops in EU countries could potentially escalate tensions between Russia and the West.

Milanovic’s comments echoed those of Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban. For his part, Orban declared on January 13 that the EU’s sanctions against Russia over its military incursion against Ukraine were a policy failure of epic proportions and should be scrapped altogether., 

On Hungarian state radio, Orban asserted that if the sanctions imposed on Russia are scrapped, energy prices and inflation would drop by half. He stressed that Europe must make a tough politician decision in this respect. 

“It is certain that America won the war and Europe lost. There’s a debate over whether Russia won or lost. If we talk in terms of money, we can’t say that Russia lost too much,” Orban noted. 

Anyone with a geopolitical IQ above room temperature recognizes that the Russo-Ukrainian conflict is a proxy war between Russia and the Collective West. Since the collapse of the Soviet Union, the West has made it a point to try to incorporate it into its degenerate, liberal democratic fold. When it became clear that Russia wouldn’t bow down to the global homogenized degeneracy the West was pushing, NATO pivoted to more of a containment strategy against Russia. 

This constant expansion into Russia’s traditional geopolitical sphere of influence eventually compelled Russia to take harsh actions during the “special military operation” phase of the Russo-Ukrainian conflict that commenced on February 24, 2022. 

Unfortunately, Western policymakers haven’t learned from the mistakes of post-Cold War foreign policy and insist on continuing to prosecute a proxy war against Russia by constantly supplying Ukraine with economic and military aid. The result will be predicate: More death and suffering.

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