Crowd Goes Wild as Brave Salon Owner Shreds Citation For Opening During Dallas Lockdown

A Dallas salon owner went viral on April 25, 2020 when she decided to shred a citation during a rally protesting Texas’s shutdown order.

Shelley Luther originally made headlines by opening her salon on April 24 despite the state is being subject to a lockdown order until April 30.

Luther received a citation from Dallas on April 24. At the Open Texas rally at Frisco City Hall this past weekend, the crowd went wild as she tore up her citation.

“I’m not anyone special,” Luther said, according to WFAA.

“I just know that I have rights. You have rights to feed your children and make income and anyone that wants to take away those rights is wrong.”

The citation letter described Luther’s decision to open as “a violation of this order during a pandemic may be punished criminally as a misdemeanor or enforced by civil action pursuant to the order.”

Kristi Parker, a hair stylist at Luther’s Salon A la Mode, declared that the Texas State government was infringing on their right to make a living.

“Have you ever heard of the right of assemble? The right to work? The right to pursue happiness?” Parker said on April 24 when the salon reopened that day, according to KDFW.

“And I don’t appreciate the long arm of the government telling the blue-collar workers that we can’t work.”

Luther previously said that she was “prepared to take on whatever it is that comes.”

The ball is now in Governor Greg Abbott’s court.

After the shelter order expires on April 30, he must roll out a plan to reopen Texas’s economy.

Not doing so in a timely manner, will hurt Texas’s reputation as a pro-business state.


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