CRY, SNOWFLAKE, CRY: Brian Stelter’s Ratings Hit Embarrassing New 2021 Low

CNN’s Brian Stelter received the lowest ratings in 2021 during the month of October, with viewership dipping to 700,000. Stelter’s show Reliable Sources has struggled to remain relevant during the presidential reign of Joe Biden, with Stelter’s personal fixation on conservative media amounting to an irrelevant bore among audiences.

A Fox News competitor, MediaBuzz with Howard Kurtz, doubled Stelter’s ratings in October, in what is likely to amount to a personal slight to the CNN personality long known for an emotional obsession with Fox.

Stelter’s ratings had plummeted by more than a million from January to March, with viewers simply moving on, recognizing CNN to have nothing more to offer with Trump largely out of the political picture. In recent weeks, Stelter has broadcast passionate and emotional rants calling for the termination of Fox News, taking the channel’s 25th anniversary to claim that the United States would be better off if Fox didn’t exist and the public instead opted to watch his show.

Stelter only gauged 94,000 adults between the ages of 25-54 in October, a demographic profitable to advertisers.

Sources within corporate media outlets such as CNN and MSNBC have expressed concern for the long-term viability of the channels, which received higher ratings than ever during the presidency of Donald Trump through reality-show style fixation and fearmongering. Stelter, a white male, may be politely pushed aside at CNN in the coming months as the network reevaluates its broadcast lineup for purposes of diversity, equity and inclusion.

It’s normally the job of media to scrutinize the actions of government officials and those who hold power, as opposed to Stelter’s model of “journalism” which involves browbeating grandmothers for sharing vaccine memes online and complaining relentlessly about Fox News.

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