CSPAN Suspends Debate Moderator Steve Scully After He Admits to Lying About Scaramucci Twitter “Hack”

CSPAN journalist Steve Scully has been suspended by the network after admitting to lying about a supposed “hack” of his Twitter account. Scully, who had been slated to moderate the since-cancelled second presidential debate, had accidentally tweeted what was meant to be a direct message to anti-Trump hack Anthony Scaramucci.

Scully had been coordinating with Scaramucci about responding to President Trump’s criticism of the Commission on Presidential Debates, which commissioned establishment liberal Chris Wallace to moderate the first debate against Trump.

CSPAN announced that Scully would be suspended indefinitely from the network for the hacked account lie. Reports emerged suggesting that both the FBI and Twitter began investigating the purported hack after Scully made the false claim. It’s entirely possible that a brief investigation would have left Scully caught red-handed, forced to explain his dishonest remark to CSPAN as well as federal law enforcement.

Scully released an apology for his lie on Thursday, admitting that the “hack” claim had been false from the beginning.

Verified establishment journalists- some of them nominal “conservatives-” had been quick to defend Scully after he was accused of lying about the “hack,” claiming the mainstream media operative had unimpeachable integrity.

The Commission on Presidential Debates has entirely shed any and all credibility it had with conservatives. It used a moderator that was secretly coordinating political messaging with a partisan liberal.

Unfortunately, there’s little to no accountability in the world of prestige establishment media, and Scully will likely be back as an MSNBC commentator next year in the vein of Dan Rather and Brian Williams.

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