Cult Leader Sentenced to 72 Years in New Mexico Prison

A cult leader was sentenced to die in prison Wednesday after being convicted of multiple crimes stemming from her operation of an extremist cult in New Mexico.

“[Deborah] Green was sentenced Wednesday in district court in Grants right after one of the victims gave emotional testimony about what happened on the compound,” according to a report.

Green, 71, ran a cult dubbed the “Aggressive Christian Mission Training Corps,” and called herself “the General.” She has been convicted of three counts of child rape, two counts of kidnapping and one count of child abuse.

One of her victims told the grisly story in court.

“Emotionally, she broke me as a child to the point where I still today struggle with my own self-confidence, my self-esteem, my sense of worth,” the victim said. “I’m reminded of how much I have to fight myself every day to not be sunken down into that low place again.”

Authorities raided the compound in Fence Lake, New Mexico and found 11 children, some as young as four years old who were being held against their live.

Green is still scheduled for another trial in relation to another victim.



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