Customer Pulls Gun During Attempted Robbery in Southeast Houston

On April 13, 2023, a customer pulled a firearm and shot at three robbers attempting to rob a convenience store in southeast Houston. 

The three robbers and another customer were wounded by the gunfire. According to witnesses, five people arrived at the store and four of them went inside the store while the fifth was waiting in a car outside. Once the four robbers were in the store, they drew out their firearms and attempted to rob the customers. 

In response, a customer pulled out a gun and struck three of the four attempted robbers inside. An additional customer was shot. The four attempted robbers then briskly headed back to the car and fled the scene. 

The customer was sent to the hospital, with the four armed suspects heading to a hospital close by. Three of them had gunshot wounds. One of them was in critical condition, with the two other suspects expected to survive this defensive gun use case. 

This incident is just one of many defensive gun use cases that take place on a daily basis in the US. The media will obviously try to ignore these events as much as possible. But they demonstrate the value of having armed law-abiding individuals. They’re the ultimate check against criminal activity. 

If those people are disarmed, criminals will run the streets with impunity. 

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