Customer Pulls Gun on Robber in Southeast Houston

On April 13, 2023, a customer drew a firearm and fired at men attempting to conduct a robbery at a convenience store in southeast Houston. 

The lawful gun owner wounded three attempted robbers. 

According to Houston Police Department Assistant Chief Ernest Garcia, who relayed witness accounts of the situation, five people arrived at the store and four went inside while the fifth waited in a car outside. 

Once they were inside of the store, the four people tried to rob customers at gunpoint. A customer subsequently pulled a firearm and shot three of the four attempted robbers inside, Garcia recounted. The four attempted robbers sprinted back to the car and fled the scene.

Shortly after, four people went to a hospital close by. Three of them had gunshot wounds, per Garcia. One of the individuals was in serious condition, while the other two were expected to survive from the wounds. 

Cases of  lawful citizens using firearms in self-defense against criminals are largely ignored by the corporate media. According to research by criminologists Dr. Gary Kleck and Dr. Marc Gertz, there are roughly 2.2 to 2.5 million cases of firearms used in self-defense during any given year. 

Let’s face it, law enforcement can’t always be counted on to keep us safe. So it stands to reason that lawful citizens with firearms will be the best check against criminals.  If we want to true safety in America, we need competent law enforcement and a respect for the right to bear arms to exist. 


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